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Wind in the Sail

The final episode of the Swansong Podcast and the final chapter of Jon Swansong and The Pirata Isle is upon us. Thanks so much for listening and please look for Jon Swansong as a Kindle e-book later this year.


Will Jon and company prevail against the forces of darkness that hold Pirata Isle captive? Find out in this action packed chapter of Swansong.

Chamber of the Wind

Jon and Rat get lost in the caverns of the wind whilst the others fight off the cult of the dark wind.

Fade to Black

Jon and Rat journey into the dark heart of Pirata Isle.


Jon and company are not alone on Pirata Isle. Shortly after setting out on the aged island trails in search of the chamber of the wind, their hunt turns sour as they become the hunted.

Through the Fire

Jon and company come to their most peculiar finding yet in this week's episode.

Pulled to the Pool

The Jasmine sets out from Graen Isle into the waiting and treacherous Escando Sea for the beginning of the final leg of Jon Swansong's journey.

Canyon Courses

The Isle of the Graens is full of amazing things, but surprisingly lacking when it comes to Graens. Jon and Phineans train in preparation for Pirata Isle.

A Hidden Current

The spirits on the Jasmine are raised this week as they make progress in their journey after the long, disasterous mooring at the pilans.


Jon and Sara make an interesting discovery, and Phineas emerges from seclusion with something for Jon

Pilans and the Deep

Disaster strikes the Jasmine as the adventures of Jon Swansong continue this week!​

Dusk Dock

Something emerges from the sea. Join Sara Starbrand this week as she reflects on her often dismal, but also intriguing voyage on the Jasmine.

To Study the Wind

Oh yes, it's time to train in the art of wind weaving. Phineas directs Jon's first day of lessons in this week's episode.​

Whale Tale

Tensions rise aboard the Labrii as Jon's newly discovered heritage is not well received by everyone.


As Jon comes to aboard the Jasmine, Phineas recounts the events that have led up to the fantastic escape from Labrii including how Jon came to live on Labrii in the first place and why it's taken Phineas so many years to find him

The Jasmine

After escaping from Labrii, Jon awakens to a sea of questions aboard The Jasmine.

Flame and Wind

The dramatic escape from the isle of Labrii continues in this week's action packed episode.

Surge of the Tide

Jon is plunged into the heart of danger as he's forced to put his trust in his new found ally, Phineas.

The Storm Begins

The tide brings strange happenings to Labrii and Jon is rocketed into an adventure that threatens his very life.

Cooking up Trouble

Rat and Jon are up to no good on Labrii's harbor and they meet a couple of interesting characters on this week's episode

Heartwood Chest

Flashback to one year earlier. Jon and Rat make a deal with a gunner and stumble across a curious treasure while searching for heartwood.

Den of Thieves

We're introduced to the mischievous Rat, Jon's best friend

Undye Root

We're introduced to Jon Swansong as he works for Goath on the island of Labrii. On an ordinary day, he spots something that will change his life forever.


Prologue from Jon Swansong & The Pirata Isle

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